April 22, 2014

A few sketches

I went down to the BYU Museum of Art last Saturday.  They had an exhibit of artwork by Carl Bloch, Heinrich Hofmann, and Frans Schwartz.  It was a pretty special display of art since many of these pieces were loaned from museums and churches in Germany, Sweden, Denmark, and New York. -most likely not to be loaned out again anytime soon.

My favorite was a very large, 5 picture altar piece painted by Frans Schwartz.  This thing was probably 35ft across and about 10ft tall.  After touring the entire exhibit, I actually went back to his painting and spent maybe an additional half hour or so just looking at it again, and sketched some of the figures from it.

I don't think photos were allowed in the museum, but I grabbed a small image from a local news site of what it looked like on display:

You'd never know it by looking at a photo, but he paints very loosely.  If you get right up next to the painting, some of the details in the crowds to either side of the Christ figure, especially the hands, are just squiggles of color.  Even in the larger figures, like the two figures of the older and younger Marys on either end, the only thing he really tightens up on are the hands and faces.

April 14, 2014

Thunder Child

Man, I haven't inked anything traditionally for a looooong time.

The topic was:  Small Dinosaur

April 2, 2014

House Call

They thought we left the old world to escape religious oppression . . .
. . . but that wasn't the only thing we were escaping.

How did they find us?  How did they get across the sea?  How long have they been here?

Getting rid of them is all that matters now.