September 27, 2013

Under the Bed

We get a couple hours a month where I work to do something creative as a team-building exercise.  The theme this month was to do something with, "What Lives Under the Bed."

September 20, 2013

Garlic isn't the only way

A toasted cheese sandwich stops vampires in their tracks all the time.

And . . . uh, speaking of other weaknesses, like this guy's problem . . .

September 13, 2013

My Advantage over other Mortals

While standing in line at the SLC Comic Con, I can doodle to help pass the time.  


September 6, 2013

I am Iron- . . . sketchbook? . . .

After using my masonite cover sketchbooks for a while, I decided they were a little too heavy and the thickness of the covers used up space I would rather have for extra paper.  This was more obvious with my larger one.

So I set out to find a newer, thinner, lighter, yet just as sturdy alternative.  I found some sheet metal at a nearby hardware store.  I am also rather lucky to be related to someone with a pretty nice tool shop who helped me cut the metal, drill the holes in the ends, and even was able to print out my logo in vinyl to go on the front.

I can put a heck of a lot more paper in these puppies.  I'm still using the 3/4 book rings in the ends as my other sketchbooks.  The pen loops on the side are elastic cloth sewn in a loop and dyed black with acrylic paint.  Currently they're glued to the interior of each cover, but I may have to use a stronger epoxy to bind them due to the slick, non-porous nature of the covers.

What kinds of DIY items have you created to help you with your artwork?