November 23, 2012

10 Years Old

Metroid Prime recently passed it's 10 year anniversary.  This was probably my most awaited game for the Gamecube when it came out.  I have a lot of fond memories playing it.

In commemoration, The Metroid Database asked me to contribute a few fan arts to a bestiary for all the creatures in the game.   I was ticked they still remembered who I was after originally submitting some fan artworks to them around the same time Metroid Prime was released.

I wouldn't have minded doing more of these, but this is all I could squeeze into my schedule.  Still, I was happy to pick a couple of them which were carried over from the original Metroid game released for the NES (way back in 1986!).

Maybe you will recognize them?  :)

Ps.  Thanks goes to the Metroid Database for graciously letting me use their bestiary background art.

November 17, 2012

November 9, 2012

A Mouse and a Sword

I've been sorting through some older artwork recently and came across these.  I worked as a conceptual designer for the Tale of Despereaux video game several years ago and absolutely enjoyed it.  

These are a few samples of quick sketches I would do for cut scenes.  I must have drawn close to 50 of these things.  I would work with the writers and designers to get these how they liked, and then we would ship the sketches out to a fantastic contract artist to finish them up.  Towards the end of development, there was even  time enough for me to complete a couple of them.