August 28, 2012

Sword guy

-Playing around with the slippery, sloppy mixer brush settings in Photoshop.

August 22, 2012

Portfolio refined

I've been meaning to clean up my portfolio a little bit and have really wanted to give all my thumbnails a uniform shape.
-but I ran into a small problem while doing so. Creating small cropped versions of each image, renaming them, and then editing the html so that the smaller image linked to the larger image broke the 'lightbox' function blog posts have.

Take for example this image:

It's name is: hardcastle-fireLord_thmb.jpg
It links to the larger image: hardcastle-fireLord.jpg

Notice when you click on it, it opens the image in a new window.
It's nice, but I really like the lightbox fuctionality -especially when there are multiple images in the same post. It makes them much easier to browse.

I discovered when I renamed the thumbnail to have the same name as the larger image, such as this example:

The lightbox functionality returns. Hurrah!

This can be a little bit of a headache when editing multiple lines of code for a bunch of images, (each thumbnail and full size image with the same file name) but I think it really makes the different.

It would be nice for Google to add an additional function to custom crop each thumbnail when posting it.