February 13, 2012

Everything Starts with a Plan

I've been a little too busy lately to paint much in my spare time. This week doesn't look much better, but hopefully I'll have a little more to share by next post.

February 6, 2012

Sketchbook 2.0

I bet you thought I was talking about new software. ;)

Nope, this is just some new 'hardware'.

You might remember my custom made sketchbook from a couple of years ago.
Link and Link.

I present to you his new bigger brother!

I found I was missing drawing on a full sheet of paper and the idea occurred to me to just make a bigger sketchbook. My smaller one is great for it's portability, but there are some times when I want to take something a little bigger (especially if I won't be needing to stand or walk around at the destination).

It's basically put together the same way as my smaller one.
You can see both of them together in this photo.

-bonus sketch from my new, bigger sketchbook-

"Saint George and the Blancmange"