November 24, 2010

Cold Turkey

That's almost what I would be eating this Thanksgiving. We had a big snow storm come through last night and close the freeway to my parents house. Thankfully, the roads a better today.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

November 4, 2010


Got your attention? Are you an artist looking for more training?

If you havn't heard of Feng Zhu's School of Design, or more specificaly what he's doing on Youtube, you're in for a real treat.

Feng Zhu is a very talented concept artist and designer who has worked on a plethora (always wanted to use that word somehow) of film and game projects. You have heard of some: Transformers: The Movie, Star Wars Episode III, Xmen: Evolution, and the upcoming Tron movie.

He has lately taken up teaching his trade over in Singapore.

Now to the real reason for this post. Feng has been posting videos of his student artwork critiques on Youtube. These aren't speed paintings. Feng talks about his student's work and then walks the viewer through the steps he took, during a class demo paintover of said students work, to make the image more effective.

These things are packed with information!

If you're familiar with the Gnomon training DVDs, you may be surprized at the comparable worth of these videos. As of this post, there is 12 hours of tutorial demos! I repeat, 12 hours!!

-and these aren't those low quality, blurry Youtube videos you may expect. They're High Definition, 1280 x 720 videos!

I havn't even made it half way through all the ones he's already posted and have found them to be very valuable in my illustration/design process.

Want a link already? Click here!