February 25, 2010

Weekly Dawg

For an upcoming issue of Studies Weekly, I am designing a dog mascot. After several days work and research, they ultimately decided to go with an average every-day kind of dog.

Still, I rather enjoyed the break from the regular routine. It was fun exploring the different breeds and how they might fit with our publication.

February 18, 2010


Some recent stuff from work. The Studies Weekly these pieces belong to deals with decision making.

But you can make up your own story. :)

February 11, 2010

My Company Has a Long Name

Here’s some work I’ve been doing at my new job: American Legacy Publishing. We produce a publication called “Studies Weekly,” which helps elementary students achieve their individual state’s core learning standards.

Printed in newspaper and magazine format, the publications are continually updated to keep students abreast of world, national, and state current events related to their curriculum.

These are used in 26% of schools nationwide, and have been adopted by a growing number of state departments of education with authorization to be used as “textbooks.”

Our goal is to provide the most effective learning tools for K-6 social studies and science education by helping teachers in every state and grade level teach and assess 100% of their grade level’s state standards with minimum required teacher preparation and maximum success.

There is currently a math publication in the works for grades K-2. I’ve been assigned all the artwork for these issues and have just completed everything for the next season.

Below, take a look at some of the covers and spot illustrations I’ve done. I do all the drawing/inking, while another artist later colors them. The red lines are a template which I use to help compose each cover. There is also space reserved in the bottom area for subtitles and additional text.

The robot is kind of the ‘Mickey Mouse’ spokesman for the math issues and is featured in just about every one of them. Designed before I was hired, he has a compass and protractor for hands, along with other tools on every side of his body to help teach mathematics.