November 2, 2009

Maya Class: Assignment #1

I've signed up for a Maya class at SLCC. It's being taught by a friend of mine whom I've had the privilege of working with at my last two jobs.
Although I've picked up a lot about Maya and 3D at work, I've never really had a sit-down, teacher-guided class and it's been a lot of fun.

Our first assignment was to create some kind of still-life out of Nurbs -something I'd never really done before. We were also supposed to use Maya's built-in procedural textures as much as possible -also something I'd never really played around with before.
I decided to create all the textures procedurally for this one and pushed it as far as I could within the time frame.

I also learned quite a bit about post-processing and compositing things within Photoshop. It's such an easy thing to do. I wished I'd known about it several years ago.

I'll be posting additional assignments as I finish them.