September 16, 2009

Busy practice work . . .

To keep my skills sharp, I've been doing color studies from everyday subjects. Sometimes I also grab a sketchbook to work on anatomy or architectural studies.

Here's one of my color studies to share. . .

I don't necessarily enjoy the study work, but appreciate what I gain from the result of it.
To help me out, I need some kind of distraction while I do sketching and studies. I compare it to people who watch tv or listen to music while they jog or workout -I can lose track of the actual time I spend and it makes the time go by faster.

One thing I've recently come across, which I enjoy listening to while I sketch or paint, are the Ninja Mountain Scrolls Podcasts. They are put together by a group of artists working in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy genre. They talk about the business, tools of the trade, contracts, working with editors, their experience, etc, etc, and have a lot of fun while doing it. I've found I really enjoy listening to them while I study. It reminds me of my college art classes and all the fun we used to have.
Anyways, they're up to their 32nd podcast. I only found them a little while ago and have been doing some catching up. So far, what I've learned has been invaluable and I highly recommend listening to them.

On a slightly different, but related note, I also recommend visiting ArtOrder. Whereas Ninja Mountain comes from the perspective of artists, ArtOrder is run by Jon Schindehette, the Senior Art Director Dungeons & Dragons / Wizards of the Coast. Athough I can't read his blog and sketch at the same time, I still gain a lot out from it. His backlog of posts are valuable as he answers questions about his role as an Art Director and his experiences working the other side of the artist/director equation.