August 25, 2009

Wizard painting revised

I revisited my Wizard painting (the original can be seen several posts earlier) and polished it up for the Blizzcon Fanart Contest.
To be short, I didn't win -and I didn't even place!
When I started revising this piece, I took it as a personal goal to push myself as hard and as far as I could. I even enlisted the aid of several friends, who gave me very helpful critiques. Don, Mike, Kim, and Nate -you know who you are, thanks! I appreciated your complete honest and brutal (yes, I did ask for that -thanks!) opinions and suggestions.
Things that may have counted against me:
  • (1.) This was a revised piece. A painting specifically geared to the contest may have fared better.
  • (2.) The overall value of the piece is very dark. Granted, the Diablo universe is dark, but it doesn't help the readability of the piece much if I were to hang this on a wall and try and read it from across the room.
  • (3.) Reviewing a few other 'conflict' compositions, such as what Frazetta created, I noticed that most of his paintings, I admired most, captured the 'winding up' moment before any conflict actually began. The anticipation and energy stored up in the composition draws the viewer in. -As soon as the conflict's engaged, the story's already been told. I asked myself, "Is this something the average fan would be drawn to hang on a wall?"
Although I didn't win anything from the contest, I did come away with some good painting experience and really appreciated the input, I got from others, as I was working on it. Maybe the journey, sometimes, is just as worthwhile as the destination.

August 24, 2009

Caldeum Process

I was asked in the forums how I did this piece.
After figuring out what kind of composition to go with, I began with some basic 3D shapes to start me off. I hate ellipses (even worse -long columns of ellipses), but I couldn't resist the subject matter.
It wasn't until later in the process I realized the 'balloon-thingy' was much too big in relation to the rest of the city and I scaled it down a bit. Doing so weakened the composition a little, but I tried to salvage it by inserting flocks of birds and changing the background landscape a little bit.

August 14, 2009

Caldeum: Sanctuary's Onestop . . .

Seeking ways to add more architecture to my portfolio, I found some fun subject matter in, yes, once again Diablo III. Looking through all the concept art for different locations, I found one of Caldeum which I thought would be fun to explore, but from a different perspective.
For a change of pace, I created this one entirely in Photoshop. It's fun to change gears once in a while and discover different tools and painting techniques than what I've been normally using.