January 30, 2009

Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk . . .

. . .Ever wonder what would happen if they'd been named after other artists?

-Degas, . . .Monet, . . .or Picasso, . . .or Dali . . .?

Ps. I noticed I've gone quite a while without any comments to my posts and I'm starting to wonder, since I've tweaked the templates for my blog, whether I've unintentionally botched up other's ability to leave comments or not.
. . . or maybe nobody likes me (sob) . . .

In any case, I wouldn't mind even just one little comment -just to set my mind at ease -and it would be okay even if if was just a plug about your own blog . . .and included a link . . .and maybe promised money . . .

January 14, 2009

Something Professional

I worked on the game: Tale of Despereaux.
Besides helping with level design and concepts, I had the pleasure of working with Don Seegmiller on the cut scene illustrations. I would supply him with rough comps from which he would create his finished illustrations.
I was also privileged to finish two of the pieces myself. Above is one of them.
Click on my portfolio link to see some more samples.