October 19, 2007

Halloween Time!

Dancing Cletus

Every year, at my previous job, all the artists (and anyone else that wanted to participate) would contribute to a “Wall of Terror” – a Halloween themed gallery that would be displayed every Halloween party. It was a lot of fun and each year we would follow a different theme.

This year, the theme was simple: Do something appropriate for a “Wall of Terror.”

I miss the old gang of artists that I worked with. We had a lot of fun together. Somewhere, someone found a plastic human fetus from who knows what. We used to work up at a school, so maybe it came from a biology class or something. One of the crazy things we would do is secretly hide it in another artist’s stuff and see how long it would go before they discovered it. Some of the more creative places we’ve hid it was in another’s headphones and, probably the grossest, was in someone’s banana! (yes, I remember who was involved, but I’m not saying.)

The fetus was also rumored to bring babies to those who kept it for too long. Having a young, married art team lent a lot to that becoming more true than false.

Two days before the majority of us were laid off, someone (yes, I know who) hid it in a bag of chips in my desk. Several weeks later, as I was sorting through all my stuff, the bag of chips ended up in the pile to be thrown away. Sadly, that was the end of ‘Cletus’ the fetus.

I admit, it was a bizarre form of entertainment we had, but it was proof of the fun we artists had together.

I therefore pay tribute to the friends I had by giving them one last dose of ‘voodoo.’

I wish all of them well and the brightest of futures.

Note: To experience the ‘full’ effect, please view the full-sized version in your browser. :)

Birthday Again

Here’s another birthday card painting . . .
I've only noticed a few differences between a Mastodon and a Woolly Mammoth. They are a little different in the head (and I don't mean psychologically, but that would be fun too). This one's supposed to be a Mammoth and the last post is supposed to be a Mastodon.

October 5, 2007

'nother Birthday Card

Here’s another birthday card illustration I recently did for one of my sisters-in-law. It continues the theme I set up for myself at the beginning of the year: prehistoric mammal babies.
After 10 months, I still don’t know where this theme came from, but the paintings have been fun to conceptualize and create. I have two more birthdays this year that follow this theme -then I get to come up with a new one!